Be Careful of Falling Rocks By Patrick Mooney


From family winter cerebrations, to childhood memories, lost love, the sweetness of spring and the hope a new summer on the horizon can bring. To barbecues, socialising with family and friends, sporting events and festivals. From dark nights, autumn leaves falling and snow not so far away, this new collection of poetry stretches across all these themes and more, reliving the moments that we capture in our mind’s eye and experiencing events that have no time to stand still. You will be taken full circle to your favourite moments and years, where these poems will comfort, warm and inspire you.

‘Patrick Mooney’s latest collection covers many topics – life in his home city of Hereford, friendship, family, love and death – which he explores with curiosity and compassion. He approaches his subjects with characteristic warmth and good humour to create a heartfelt set of thought-provoking poems.’

Sara-Jane Arbury, Tutor for Ledbury Poetry Festival Community Programme

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'I took up creative writing just over ten years ago, specialising in poetry after becoming the first ever winner of the ‘Selina Trotman’ prize for poetry 2012.  With my poem The Lost Voice (based on a true story), resulting in my first poetry book, In a Word, being published in 2013. I have been writing on a regular basis ever since and was a member of the Ledbury poetry writing group for six years.  I have performed my own poetry at the Ledbury Poetry Festival and open mic nights and poetry slams in Hereford, Leominster and Cardiff.

I have completed two travel journals, based in the USA and Europe, and a children’s book, Down on the Lake; Be Careful of the Falling Rocks, is the completion of my second collection of poetry, and I am also currently developing a collection of ten short stories. At the beginning of 2017, I thought about returning to my first creative medium art, resulting in taking on a studio at The Apple Store Gallery in Hereford, in December that same year, while continuing to write on a regular basis.

I now do all my creative writing at my studio and have completed a number of collage art works, resulting in taking on my commission last year.  I also paint in acrylic, draw in pencil, in colour and black and white.'

Patrick Mooney


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