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We are very excited to announce the book launch of Patrick Mooney’s latest Poetry book: Be Careful of Falling Rocks. Patrick is the first ever winner of the ‘Selina Trotman’ prize for poetry 2012, with his poem The Lost Voice (based on a true story), resulting in his first poetry book, In a Word, being published in 2013. His book is available now from our website in our book section and internationally through Amazon. 

It will also be available online and at your local retailers, such as Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, Booktopia and many more throughout the month of November. This will also include on Kindle and other Ebook services.

Additionally, he has also published his first children’s book with Sleepy Lion Publishing, also available internationally and through our website.

Finally, make sure to check out our facebook page for exclusive poetry readings videos, book launch pictures, reviews and much more!


Due to the recent success of Janice Dolley’s latest book, Awakening to a New Reality: Conscious Conversations Across the Horizon of Death, we have received a huge number of applications. This means we have finished accepting submissions for this period. You are welcome to submit your manuscript early for the winter term, but we will not start going through next year’s submissions until December/January.

Ideally, an A4 Summary and the first chapter of your work should be submitted to 

Additionally, we have a new section on the latest opportunities for our publishing house. Make sure to check out our page if you are interested in article writing, illustrating, editing and much more!

Finally, we are also happy offer free reviews for aspiring authors and writers, so make sure to get in contact. If you are a reviewer, or you are interested in ARCs, then you are able to receive a free copy of one of our books.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email: 


0% Royalty charge. That’s right, you collect 100% of the profits from your work! There is also the option for royalty contracts available.

Editors and illustrators personally assigned to assist you throughout the whole publishing process. You call the shots, and we will provide you with that book you’ve been envisioning!


No binding contracts: You keep all the rights to your work with a range of different contracts available!

Complete freedom in your product. You choose the price, the format and your personally tailored marketing plan, with all the support you need.


No hidden costs!

Free advice and support throughout the publishing process.

We will always make sure you understand the features of our products before beginning a project.

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