Fortunate is any author to discover Sleepy Lion Publishing. They are a young company working in collaborative ways that our planet needs to adopt if we are to move into a sustainable and life enhancing future.

Holding to essential core values, Sleepy Lion works in a collaborative partnership with each author until both are fully satisfied with the final publication.

Having worked with several publishers over a period of time, I am delighted to give them the highest possible recommendation.

Janice Dolley, author of Awakening to a New Reality: Conscious Conversations across the Horizon of Death

Sleepy Lion Publishing have been very welcoming, helpful, and supportive with the publication of my children’s book, ‘Down on the Lake’. They are client led but encouraging in bringing ideas to look at and discuss during regular meetings on developing the project at hand. Meetings are very relaxed and professional at all times. They are very knowledgeable, experienced and focused on you as their client and will help to promote and sell your book.

I would fully recommend using Sleepy Lion Publishing, for their excellent service and commitment.

Patrick Mooney, author of Down on the Lake and be Careful of Falling Rocks


50/50 Royalty charge. That’s right, you collect 50% of the profits from your work! We provide a traditional royalty contract with no fees or any costs attached.

We are looking for authors who wish to collaborate and work together to publish the best version of their book possible!


No binding contracts: You keep all the rights to your work with the option to leave us if you wish to choose a different direction.

Complete freedom in your publishing process. We provide an individual and professional experience for each of our authors. 


No costs!

Free advice and support throughout the publishing process.

Communication is crucial for us. We always make sure to clarify any steps with a detailed and flexible timeline presented at the beginning of each new publishing project.

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