Awakening to a New Reality: Conscious Conversations Across the Horizon of Death

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“If you feel that this turbulent world is becoming ever more chaotic, mis-managed and violent, read this book.

If you have a glimmering sense that there is more to life than what you can see, read this book.

If you experience moments of clarity about life’s path, you’re onto something. Read this book.

The book may look a bit odd at first glance, but it has confirmed what has been dawning for me over half a century of helping to stop people killing each other. This is that inner exploration, self-awareness and listening to a voice from within the heart, make our work in the world – whatever it is – ten times more effective (as well as a lot more joyful). Why? Because it connects us to a greater whole, to the higher consciousness that Einstein knew was essential to solve the global problems we now face.” Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Founder of Peace Direct, author of The Business Plan For Peace

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Although Janice Dolley says that her friend Ursula Burton had a sense that they would write another book together after one of them had died, it was still a surprise when conversations with her friend started after only three hours after she had passed.  Her messages from the beyond indicate a step forward from our present third dimensional and materially oriented reality, not only after we have died, but are also facing us now as a way through a time of crisis and change.

This book not only brings subjective evidence of the continuity of our consciousness beyond the horizon of death, but also describes a ‘new story’ based on our deep interconnectedness and our life of all life, that can bring hope for a new era that is waiting for us to work towards.  This is a story that will inspire our children and lead us from despair to a renewed sense of the potential that we have together, to work as architects and builders of a new future.

1 review for Awakening to a New Reality: Conscious Conversations Across the Horizon of Death

  1. Dr Bob Rich

    I have the benefit, and used to have the handicap, of a scientific training. I don’t believe anything, but have created a tentative and always evolving model of reality. As new evidence came in, my reality progressed from complete scepticism to seeing the Universe as alive, and made of the unconditional Love all the great religions and philosophies describe.
    Janice Dolley’s account of her conversations with her friend Ursula Burton, before and after Lady Burton’s death, fit perfectly into my current model. I cannot treat it as evidence, because it is a personal claim that is only hearsay in the scientific sense, but it is the kind of thing that fits my understanding of Reality.
    If you are open to a more complex yet simple, holistic and sacred view of reality, if you agree with me that death is not the end of a book but the end of a chapter, then Janice’s (and Ursula’s) book will speak to you.
    Add to that the beautiful, clear, lyrical language, and a transparent honesty, and you can enjoy having your eyes opened (or, as with me, your established beliefs confirmed) in a most pleasant way.
    All the same, the basic claim of conversations with a dead friend made me entertain the possibility that the book is a cleverly done fantasy. Even if it were, it presents Truth, and joining Janice’s Reality will make you into a better person. However, a simple internet search provided many bits of corroborative evidence, so I am confident that Janice honestly believes her account. As I said, my scientific training prevents me from saying more, but her account is so inspiring that it honestly doesn’t matter.

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