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We are now happy to offer numerous opportunities for writers and artists alike. Further down this page you will find a range of submission options, whether you wish to publish a book with us, make money from blog posts and articles, share your poetry, short stories and illustrations, or promote your stunning cover art. We are looking for all kinds of talented individuals to help boost our content. If you would like an ongoing relationship with us, we are ready to offer substantial freelance contracts with writers and artists. If you would like to submit some work, do send an email to:

Do make sure to state what kind of submission your are looking to publish. Additionally, if you have any questions, do send an email to: or get in contact through our contact page.

Finally, all work must be completely orginal, and you must have full copyright permission to share the work. 

Book publishing

If you are looking to publish your latest book, then do make sure to check out our contract and services pages for an update on our latest offers and contract options. Additionally, if you have any questions, do feel free to send us an email at:

Otherwise, do feel free to send us an email with an online A4 page summary of your work, the first chapter attached as a word or pdf, and a little background about your book, yourself and why you might wish to publish with us. Any submission content can be sent to: 

Blog posts and articles

If you are a great content writer, and or you are simply looking to share your ideas and research, then do feel free to check our blog post for information on what we are currently looking for. Alternatively, you are welcome to get in contact if you would like to check your article topic, or, if you would rather tailor a particular blog post beforehand, then do send us an email at:

If you are simply looking to share your poetry, short stories and ideas non-exlusively, with links to your website and social media, then we are happy to help spread your creativety! We are looking to start poem, short story and book cover of the week, so make sure to get in contact now!

Alternatively, we do offer £0.02 to £0.04 per word for exclusive use of your writing if you wish to make money from your work. Most post we are looking for are between 500 to 1000 words. We pay a minimum of £5, for works of poetry for example, that might be shorter than an article.

Submissions of longer works might be part of a series of posts, or, available to buy through our shop page. If you are looking to sell your work directly through our website, then we can look at a royalty contract instead.

Cover art and illustrations

We are also looking to make available a range of high quality premade book cover art. This will allow those who want a more affordable option for illustrations to browse our selection of premade book covers. 

We can either buy the exclusive use of your art to then make available through our website, or advertise your book covers and take a 10% commission of your chosen price once the art is sold.

We are looking to purchase rights for book cover art from £50 to £400, depending on depth and complexity of the composition.

Finally, if references/models are used in any of the illustrations, you need to have full permission to pass on those intellectual rights. It is your responsibility to pass on any credits that are due. Furthermore, we are looking for exlusive use of the work; although, this only applies to the use for book cover art. You are still allowed to advertise, sell posters and or share and reproduce your work in any other format. If you are interested, do send an email to:

Additionally, we are also looking to expand our merchandise. If you are a great designer, wanting to create beautiful illustrations based around writing, reading, and publising, then make sure to get in contact. Similarly to cover art, we can offer to buy the exclusive rights, or advertise your work through a royalty based contract.

If you have any questions, do feel free to send an email to:


We are looking to offer plenty of opportunities to writers, editors, proofreaders, and illustrators in the following years. If you are interested in a long term contract with our company, then do feel free to send an email to:

At the moment most of our contracts will follow a part-time freelance format; although, do feel free to ask any questions about our potential relationship and the process this might take. Similarly to how we engage with our authors, we wish to individualise our contracts to suit your needs and strengths as much as possible.

Futhermore, if you are an illustrator that would like to advertise your services through our website, we are looking to create an illustrator page for our authors to be able to browse, so they can pick and choose an illustration option suited to their chosen budget and style.

Similarly, we may offer a range of different editors based on their speciality in different genres and their experience and portfolio.

This is all in range with our ideal of creating as personal a publishing service as possible, while also allowing creators to present their work in a way that is most suited to their needs.