About us

Our Objective is to provide a new traditional publishing service: Personal Publishing.

Much like any traditional Publishing Company, we will guide you through the entire publishing process all the way to the printing and distribution of your book into the reader’s hands! However, as authors ourselves, we believe in your power and freedom. We aim to provide our authors with as much freedom and choice as possible, so make sure to get in contact with any questions about our publishing process. Do send us an email at: enquiries@sleepylionpublishing.com

Our goal is to collaborate and communicate as closely as possible with each author. We will provide you with a detailed and flexible timeline, so your publishing process is clear. However, we do not hold you to tight deadlines and always seek to work around your schedule. Every aspect of your book, from submission to marketing after its publication is customisable. There are no fees and no costs involved, with no time restriction on any project. We only publish once both sides are happy and the book is as perfect as we are able to make it.

We give you total freedom in your written expression. Our aim is to present the highest quality books to our readers, so we pick authors and writing that we truly believe in. Additionally, each book goes through many stages of editing, from looking at your overall plot and structure, to the proofreading and flow of every single sentence. Similarly, after an initial discussion and brainstorming of ideas, we will send you a comprehensive document full of cover drafts and different composition options. We then aim to follow your direction when completing your book cover and showing off your hardwork to the world! However, we will also guide you in your post publishing life. This involves book launches, book signings, online advertising, reviews and much more! We aim to meet up regularly and keep updated to further adapt your marketing plan and always innovate for greater sale reach.


Our aim is to grow a client base of dedicated authors looking for best selling quality products who wish to earn 50% of the profits from their hard work.


-If you are looking for a quick publishing option with little interaction, then we may not be your best option. Our publishing process may take up to a minimum of 3 months, and due to our commitment to quality and author relationship, we only focus on a few authors at a time.

If you have any questions about our company, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Otherwise, if you are interested in publishing your work with us, make sure to check out our Submissions page for more information.

If you are interested in our publishing service, due to our commitment to quality and personal relationship between author and publisher, we will only have limited availability during the coming year, so book a slot soon!