Down on the Lake (paperback)


It’s a great spring day for Bob the Duck and his friends when Sam the ice cream man bumps into trouble. Refusing to put up with bullying, this resourceful group of animals decide to help their friend and save the lake.

Fantastic Illustrated Children’s book. Perfect for younger readers between the age of 4-9.

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This book was inspired while I was visiting and staying with friends in Cardiff. On a walk through some local woods, we went past some beautiful rose gardens. just as we were moving past a children’s playground, with an ice cream van on the opposite side of the path, my friends said wait a minute Pat, as something special was about to happen!

As we reached the top of this small incline, a lake opened up in front of me, with a lighthouse to one side, ducks, swans and lots of different birds varieties everywhere around us.

It’s a one-mile walk around the lake and this is where my children’s book 'Down on the Lake' and Bob the Duck was born.


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