The Four Seasons – A poem by Patrick Mooney

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A Poem by Patrick Mooney

The Four Seasons


Spring / Summer /

Autumn / Winter


Spring sunshine, anew as the last winter frosts melt away,

Morning dew hanging from the barbecue,

The vegetable patch untouched, fallen pears from above,

Soil running along an unkempt lawn.


As I step down onto my patio, entering a new world,

The pyracantha comes into sight, bringing new light, 

Amongst the bed of scattered leaves, many colours fade away,  

Cold, silent and soft this new world may seem.


As winter becomes a memory and a new season enters our land,

A breeze blows away the cobwebs, as the dark nights turn so bright,

Unwrap the garden furniture, unlock the shed, winter has gone to bed,

Sweep away the dust, as yellow sunshine, so bright, is a delight.   




Warm sunshine, summer glow, mown grass and taking it slow,

Salads and fish for tea, cool lemonade with ice, very nice,

Evening walks along the river, an ice cream or two,

Only a beer garden will do, for you and me.

Children playing as the sunshine comes out for a day,

Family picnics, summer holidays down by the sea,

Young couples courting and walking along the riverside,

As fishermen and canoeists take in the view.


As I take a sip from my tea, I watch next door’s cat,

Crawl along my garden wall, hunting she may be,

Coming from miles around to feed, are the sweet sight and sound,

A tree Sparrow, Blackbird, Red Wing and a Robin just to name a few.


The barbecue alive with lots of fire,

Piles of meat wait by the side, buttered rolls and lots of sauces,

Friends and family gather with lots of beer and laughter,

Dry days; turn into long bright and light open nights.




As the daylight fades slowly away, a few minutes each day,

A rainbow of colours blossom from the trees,

Yellow, orange and green can be seen,

As leaves fall to the ground making little sound.


Crunchy under foot, as the sound of autumn can be heard,

Woolly hats, scarves and gloves seem far away,

As clouds circle overhead, giving way to so many beautiful colours,

Brown, red, orange, yellow and blue reappear as new.


As I stand on my patio, a winter day hangs in the air,  

Skies mixed with so many stories,

I wonder when I will hear the thunder,

Lightning strikes from high above, all around.



Short days / long days and very many dark nights,

As daylight comes into view slowly,

Leaving us as fast as it came,

Darkness all around us from morning to dusk.


Full power and red alert, all before a morning cup of tea,

Open fires, electric blankets, hats and scarves,

Keeping the warm within and Mr Frost at bay,

Dark, cold and wet, not my favourite ingredients.


Open black skies, full of stars, glittering above,

Red being the warning, that a new day is dawning,

Wind, rain, frost and snow, all on a go-slow,

The shortest day, followed by the longest night.


Everything slowing down, falling under that winter spell,

As I hold my hot drink with both hands, 

It’s only mid-afternoon, as I glance at my plants,

The daylight fading.


All is quiet and peaceful.


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