Look Inside by Sue Somerset Larsson


Order now and join us on this magical journey through poetry, art and deep conversation between friends. Every page is a wonder, an opportunity to dive within and look inside.

“I portray aspects of the personality where I feel that I am actually reaching into that person or into that painting to bring out and express a deeper part of a person’s subconscious. This work is for everybody, so I think it will affect other people’s subconscious too. I do think that we are all, whilst living through our lives, searching for clarity; we are all looking for a way to live our lives in a more harmonious way, with each other and with the universe as a whole. We are looking for clues to help us find wisdom in the Ocean of Life. I feel like a detective looking for clues inside the painting. We translate the tale that the painting tells, allowing us to unravel a part of a person’s inner, hidden life.”

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These paintings are looking into the many layers that make up who we are. We all have many different moods and feelings and many ways to know ourselves and to know how we feel about ourselves in relation to ‘God’ or to our spiritual nature. That part within, that part that sometimes feels lost or alone, or that part that strives for another way to be, a different thought or an altered perspective could lead to another way of being, another level of experience.

We all seek to find the moment, the mood, thought or feeling that makes us move on and find a different direction. These paintings play a very small part in helping to enhance our perception by giving us a wider understanding of ourselves. Like a glimpse through a keyhole, showing a tiny part that lies beyond our understanding. This view allows us to sharpen up the senses and helps us to delve a little deeper into the unknown of me, or you, or all of us.


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