Hello? Poetry on Fear (Small Size)

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To never be afraid

Is not poetry.

To be afraid

And carry on,

To be afraid

Yet stand tall

And proud,

To be afraid

And be totally honest,

Is what I call poetry.

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I see this book as a hand, one that guides, leads and occasionally holds you. These poems explore the fears that surround us in many different moments, from failure to honesty, vanity to death. Alongside charming yet peculiar illustrations, Leanna Amos conjures up imagery of beauty in fear and contrast in emotion. Through her original creation: Beeboo, she takes the reader on a journey of contemplation and curiosity.Young, newly emerging author, Leanna Amos seeks to explore emotions and their expression in her original series: Poems on Life. Poetry that is refreshingly simple and yet complex in thought engages you on every page. Touching subjects such as fear, courage, disappointment, trust and vulnerability all come together to explore the journey of our human life. If you are looking for poetry that relates to you everday, without asking anything in return, Poetry on Fear may give you some ideas and perspectives that can only come when facing your own fears. Nevertheless, keeping a playful approach, a close companion, Beeboo, welcomes your company as you wander through the pages. A metamorphic, podgy white lump, he is a curious character who struggles to hide his emotions.Sometimes, all it takes is a couple of words, big eyes full of stars and some time to yourself, to recognise your own fears and have the courage to trust.

1 review for Hello? Poetry on Fear (Small Size)

  1. Dr Bob Rich

    I don’t usually read poetry, because I spend my precious reading time either learning, or immersing myself in a reality that is blessedly different from the horror out there in the real world. However, the publisher of this little book asked for a review, so I had a look.
    The poems are deceptively simple morsels of thought. Each has an emotional message, like facing fear and doing it anyway, or refusing to give in to despair, or this little gem:
    You can’t pour
    From an empty cup;
    Look after yourself.
    This is one of my clichés, learned when I was a student nurse: “You can’t care for others unless you care for the carer first.”
    A great many of the poems deal with anxiety, implying that the author may belong to that very large proportion of the population who feel anxious when looking at our dysfunctional society. I think this book of poems is self-therapy.
    As such, it may provide a lead to others in this unfortunate situation. Reading the poems may give you self-therapy too, or show you a lead on how to devise your own cure.

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