Valentine Weekend – A poem by Patrick Mooney

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A Poem by Patrick Mooney

Valentine Weekend


You will always be my valentine,

More than words can say

I will love you more and more,

Each passing day

As the sun…through the broken clouds,

Warms my face, body and soul

Your image I can see,

Your presence I can feel

Your body I can touch,

Your lips I can trust

My faith in you, a must,

As I continue to lust 

You can see…what I can feel,

You know, that I know the spiel

You and I are for real,

A cuddle can always seal a deal  


Twelve red roses just for you,

A walk in the park

A kiss in the dark,

A whisper…can start a spark

Distance not an issue,

Travelling to see you

Counting the moments,

I can feel you

Closer and closer,

As the clock ticks down

The hour is near,

Your image sparks a memory

We will talk and we will walk,

Winter in full swing

Food festival in full flow,

Many treats, beer tasting and wine

Whispering sweet nothing’s,

Laughing out loud

Smiling all around,

Snowing on the ground

Dusting away, this special winter’s day,

Counting the minutes, hours and days

We will meet again very soon, 

Only 364 days to the next Valentine weekend.   


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