The Kingdom of Heaven is within you – by Janice Dolley

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 The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You.” What might this mean for us Today?

At this time of momentous change for all on Planet Earth there is possibly a deeper meaning in these words than how we have understood them for so long.  If evolutionary science is now telling us that all matter is energy that vibrates at different frequencies in a vast whole, then our awareness can lift from its focus on mundane concerns alone and also relate to other dimensions of being. It seems that at the lower range of frequencies we have the solid matter of our everyday lives, often called the third dimensional world. This material plane is permeated by a subtle world of spirit. Some might call this the fourth dimension. At a higher frequency range still is the realm of Oneness or Spirit in which all resonates in harmony and is no longer fragmented. This could be called a fifth dimension and is possibly similar to the dimension that we experience when we die and pass to “heaven up there.” Just as our awareness expands in the here and now as our own frequencies rise higher through meditation, prayer and in many other ways, so It seems that awareness also expands after death as my friend Ursula said shortly after she died:

“Can you imagine limitless breath, space, light, purity, freedom, knowing who one truly IS? We’ve talked about how it might be but this is much, much more than we imagined” (1)

So when Jesus says “the Kingdom of heaven is within you”, he perhaps meant that we can access this realm whilst living at this denser material set of frequencies. This naturally involves a shift in both our thinking and our being. If such a shift is emerging on a worldwide scale at this time, then this might explain some of the changes that we are currently experiencing. As the financial, political, religious patterns that have served the old paradigm of separation are crumbling, at the same time new and more deeply interconnected patterns of relationship are forming.

Maybe the spiritual energy in the “after life heaven” that Ursula described is similar to the new energy that is emerging for us at our denser material level. Possibly this is akin to what we have been calling Christ Consciousness, the unifying force of unconditional love, oneness, the end and joy that permeates all existence. In the afterlife version of heaven, it seems that all undertakings flow in alignment with the originating vision held by the Creative Source of all life, God, and that all there dwell in awareness of this divine presence. It is then that:

 “The presence of the divine can awaken the world to its magical and miraculous power.  If we welcome the divine back into life, if we acknowledge her divine nature, then we can participate in life’s re-creation, in the miracle that is waiting to happen.” (2)

If enough of us can raise the frequency of our beings to a higher level by dissolving fear and transcending old ideas to include all difference, if we can embrace the inherent creative power of the Kingdom of heaven that Jesus taught lies within each of us, and if we can live in the eternal now and connect each day with our higher soul self, then we might begin to discover that we are the bridges between heaven and earth and that it is for us to lay the pathways to the future. By making loving and compassionate connections with all forms of life we can begin to answer our own prayer of “thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.” Fulfilling this prayer seems to lie in our individual and collective hands.                                                                                                                     


  1. 1- Dolley, Janice, “Awakening to a New Reality: Conscious Conversations across the Horizon of Death.” Sleepy Lion Publishing, 2020
  2. 2- Vaughn-Lee, Llewellyn, “The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul”, The Golden Sufi Centre, 2011

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  1. Bob Rich

    Thank you for this, Janice. I needed it just now. 🙂

    I am not a Christian, but all the great philosophies, whether presented as a religion or not, have the same message.

    The reason I’ve been a little down is the self-torture of catching up with the news. The forces of darkness are more obvious there than the forces of light, so I do hope your assessment proves to be correct.



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