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Janice Dolley is the co-author of The Quest: Exploring a Sense of Soul, Awakening to a New Awareness: Stories of Contemporary Christians and Christian Evolution: Moving towards a Global Spirituality. She was Development Director of the Wrekin Trust, which started as a spiritual education charity by Sir George Trevelyan in 1971 during which time she arranged a great number of events including an significant international conference on The Emerging Spirituality Revolution: Embodying the Spiritual imperative of our Time. As a lecturer at the Open University for its first thirty years, a Trustee of the Findhorn Foundation and the Findhorn College and a founding trustee of Wyse International, she worked for promoting learning programmes that offer a shift of awareness to a more interconnected and sustainable planetary culture, especially supporting the encouragement of young leaders to fulfil their potential and play their part in co-creating a new era. Currently her endeavours include CANA, (Christians Awakening to a New Awareness), the One Spirit Alliance and the rapidly growing Unity Community which is bringing into being a Whole Word View of our deep inter-connectedness with all life. Bridging old and new faiths, her latest book aims to encourage everyone to create a better future and to reach authentically within themselves for truth and personal growth


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Awakening to a New Reality: Conscious Conversations across the Horizon of Death


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The Quest: Exploring a sense of soul


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Awakening to a New Awareness: Stories of Contemporary Christians

Christian Evolution: Moving towards a global spirituality