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Janice Dolley is the co-author of The Quest: Exploring a Sense of Soul, Awakening to a New Awareness: Stories of Contemporary Christians and Christian Evolution: Moving towards a Global Spirituality. She was Development Director of the Wrekin Trust, which started as a spiritual education charity by Sir George Trevelyan in 1971 during which time she arranged a great number of events including a significant international conference on The Emerging Spirituality Revolution: Embodying the Spiritual imperative of our Time. As a lecturer at the Open University for its first thirty years, a Trustee of the Findhorn Foundation and the Findhorn College and a founding trustee of Wyse International, she worked for promoting learning programmes that offer a shift of awareness to a more interconnected and sustainable planetary culture, especially supporting the encouragement of young leaders to fulfil their potential and play their part in co-creating a new era. Currently her endeavours include CANA, (Christians Awakening to a New Awareness), the One Spirit Alliance and the rapidly growing Unity Community which is bringing into being a Whole Word View of our deep inter-connectedness with all life. Bridging old and new faiths, her latest book aims to encourage everyone to create a better future and to reach authentically within themselves for truth and personal growth.

At this time of transition from an old paradigm of separation to an emerging new energy, each of us
can be discovering ourselves as ‘droplets of divinity’ with far greater potential than we have
hitherto realised. This is bringing us closer to the higher frequencies of Source Energy and towards
embodying love in all relationships and situations. She teaches that each of us has a part to play and
a path to follow and that by following this one step at a time, and trusting that all we need will be
provided, we can be contributing to new ways of living in harmony with each other and with all life.
We can then rekindle our inner light, lift up our hearts in kindness and undertake whatever helps our
souls to sing. This is one way we can co-create a new era for humanity and help our planet to be
restored as a sacred planet within a wider cosmic whole.


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