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Join our blog to delve into the fascinating art of writing!

Our aim is to provide a free service for educational, motivational and commentative purposes that can help ambitious writers in any part of their career.

Here is a list of resources we will be sharing with you week by week, so make sure to keep up to date!

Articles: These will provide you with crucial information – tips and tricks in writing, creating and publishing.

Writing: Articles on the art of writing, such as creating a strong story structure, defined and engaging characters, plot, and writing to a particular audience. We will also write to different formats and genres such as fiction, non-Fiction, children’s books, self-help, poetry and short stories.

Reading: A big part of writing are the books you read, and maybe most importantly, how you read them. These articles will cover recommended books and reviews, tips and advice on reading and studying, and topics of interest.

Publishing: We will also be sharing advice and experiences in the publishing world, information on the different paths available to the writer, and how to navigate the world of marketing in this competitive industry.

Essays: These will have a much more academical approach to writing and reading. As weeks go by, we will cover a range of themes and subjects, including important movements in literature and art over the past centuries.

The novel: We will explore the creation and progression of the novel. Important texts will include Middlemarch, Armadale, Roxanne and Jane Eyre. We will also pay attention to literary movements such as Realism.

Cultural Theory: A big section of essays will be dedicated towards the exploration of cultural theory, popular culture and Post-Modernism.

Modern Works: We will make sure not to leave out any important contemporary works in art and literature in relation to themes and observations of today.

Children literature: We will spend plenty of time exploring, the amazing world of children’s books. A key text will be Alice in wonderland and the exploration of key themes such as Innocence and experience.

Poetry: A lot of study time will be dedicated to the analysis of poetry and key movements such as Romanticism.

Other important posts will be dedicated to looking at recent and exciting news in our company, art and book covers, writing exercises and presentations, contests and short stories.


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