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Helena Daly, Ph.D. worked as an Independent Practitioner within the field of Death and Dying for many years in San Francisco, while pursuing her doctorate degree in depth psychology and consciousness studies—specializing in transpersonal dreaming and waking states of being. Her dissertation “Shadowy Beauty: The Art of Hypnopompic Inquiry” was a hermeneutic-phenomenological study of the dream-waking state (the hypnopompic state of consciousness) and transpersonal dreams of numinosity that manifest there. She was awarded the Esalen Research Scholarship (Big Sur, California) for her transpersonal dreamwork and its relation to post-mortem survival.

Shortly after completing her degree, Helena returned to Ireland and continued to work with individuals and families living with terminal illness, working as a ‘Spiritual and Psychological Care Practitioner’ in hospice and palliative Care. She holds a special interest in end-of-life phenomenal experiences (dreams, visions and death-bed encounters) and now works independently as a dream consultant and practitioner, having witnessed throughout her clinical and counselling practice, just how powerful dreams are in helping prepare for dying and death. In addition, Helena also has a private dream practice, offering in-person as well as on-line dream sessions, and holds dream retreats and interdisciplinary educational dream workshops in the West of Ireland.

Alongside this, Helena lectures and writes on dreaming, especially in relation to healing. Forthcoming publications (2021) will feature in: Revision: A Journal of Consciousness and Transformation based in California, and Paradigm Explorer, a Journal for the Scientific and Medical Network, based in London. She is currently writing her first book “Between the Realms: Subtle Life in Dream, Dying, Death” and works as a freelance writer for Sleepy Lion Publishing.

Helena also holds an MA in Counselling, BA in Psychology, and worked as a nurse in London for several years before embarking on her academic and professional career.




A Dream Retreat in the West of Ireland with Helena Daly, Ph.D.

Sept 2nd- 5th 2021

We have all been endowed with the gift of dreaming—a source of ancient wisdom, sorely neglected in the modern world. Dreaming is a primal activity of the soul, a subtle yet powerful way of knowing through which to receive guidance, embodied knowledge, higher states of awareness and healing. These messages from the depths come to us in service of health, healing and wholeness, if we are just willing to listen and learn how to work with them. By consciously working with our dreams, we access and develop innate potential, transforming and revitalizing awareness in our everyday lives, and move into a more lucid way of living.

Dreaming Participants will:

  • Come to understand the importance of a dreaming life.
  • Become more aware of the twilight state between sleeping and waking realms
  • Learn the art of dream recall
  • Share dreams
  • Cultivate transformative practices for remembering and honoring dreams.
  • Learn ways to approach, explore, interpret and integrate dreaming experiences

Given the intimate nature of dream-work, retreats and workshops are limited to twelve participants. Please email helenasdreamretreat@gmail.com for further information and to reserve your spot. Thank you.



A Dreaming Event for Healthcare Professionals

May 26th-29th 2022

When caring for the dying, end-of-life experiences such as pre-death dreams, waking visions and death-bed encounters often occur. These meaningful phenomenal events have been well documented across cultures throughout time, and their impact on dying individuals and loved ones known to be profoundly meaningful. 

Yet, these experiences are underreported and undervalued in hospice and palliative care, and scientific and medical communities. The fact that dreaming is an intrinsic part of the dying process is not well known, and little understood. As a result, these vital events are not properly assessed, dismissed, and assumed to be due to strong medication. When this happens, these spiritual experiences are missed, and significant clinical, educational and therapeutic implications, lost.

The reality is that when confronted with death, different types of dreams come forth; life-review dreams, dreams of deceased loved ones, dreams carrying unresolved issues, trauma, and a special category of dream—death dreams (transpersonal/archetypal in nature). This latter category of dreams transmit important messages and symbolic representations of death—an inner occurrence that carries predictive value given their precognitive nature and reflective qualities that indicate the closeness of death approaching.

In all, dreams are a formidable medium through which conversation and reflection on dying, death and suffering naturally opens—and through which inner psychic pain and fear can be released, as well as love, reassurance, joy and spiritual companionship experienced.

This intensive dreaming event offers:

  • deep exploration and discussion of dreaming, dying and death
  • an understanding of how dreams help prepare psychologically and spiritually for death
  • awareness of the barriers to understanding these experiences and their clinical, therapeutic value
  • a holistic assessment and approach that helps integrate these important phenomenal events into future models of hospice care
  • practical skills in dream tending

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Helena’s Dreamwork Services

  • Dream consultant offering private dream therapy; sessions in-person and on-line.


  • Weekend dream retreats and workshops


  • Educational dreaming events for healthcare professionals, especially within care of the dying: Workshops on dreams, dying and death


  • Dream practitioner in hospice and palliative care


  • Death and dying counselling


  • Dream group facilitator (bi-monthly dream group gathering for committed dreamers)


Reviews by Dream Participants

  • Helena possesses the gifts of seeing and dreaming, for which the Celts and Irish are famous. Having known Helena well for nearly 10 years, I can attest that she is one of the most profound dreamers whom I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve known many. To these native gifts, she has added a scholarly dissertation on dreams and subtle (body) knowing. Helena has surrendered the unfolding of her own life to the guidance of her dreams, working this path as a daily spiritual practice. Her clients and students will be beneficiaries of this rich and rare combination of natural gift, developed discipline, educated mind and embodied wisdom. (Karen Jaenke, Ph.D.)


  • My work with Dr. Daly offered me one of the greatest gifts I have found on my spiritual path – access to me. Dr. Daly’s rich understanding and clear love for the dream-world and the wisdom it offers us all is evident in her work. I found her to be wise and studied but more important to me was that she is approachable and understandable (and fun), helping me to begin the journey of recognizing the wisdom of my own dreams. I am grateful that our paths have crossed and know that regardless of geography or proximity – Dr. Daly is available and eager to talk, explore, and unfold with me to shine light on that gift that the night offers while I sleep and learn. (Brad Harbin, Therapist, Florida)


  • Just moved from Texas and hadn’t dreamed for 6-months. After experiencing Helena’s “Way of the Dreamer” I began dreaming on week three. The dream recall taught assisted me on many levels. The messages were multidimensional and relevant. I cannot express my gratitude enough, and look forward to the next class. Blessings, Cindy Clark-Heals.



  • I just completed Helena Daly’s first level six-week course “The Way of the Dreamer.” Very engaging and personally rewarding! Helena gave us a broad overview of the history of dream work, including differing cultural beliefs about the significance and power of dreams. She introduced us to a variety of approaches to improving dream recall and fine-tuning our ability to deepen our awareness of possible significance of our dreams. She led us through exercises during the sessions that helped us experience deeper dream states and relate them to our daily lives. (Dream course participant.)


  • I look forward to further courses with Helena. Rather than focusing on simply interpreting dreams, Helena’s approaches are helping me tune in to my intuitions, sleeping and waking. The Way of the Dreamer is helping me get to know myself in new ways! (Karen Steinhaus)


  • I’ve kept a dream journal for thirty years, but, I’ve never experienced dream work on this level. Helena brings her scholarship, her devotion, and her many years of experience to these workshops. Her presentation is candid, personable, and well-organized. The material and resources she presents are vast but not overwhelming. I came away from her workshop with an abundance of information and resources as well as the determination to deepen and grow my dream practice like never before. It was an empowering experience. (Alisa Dockery, Artist)


  • I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Helena Daly in 2007 while attending the California Institute of Integral Studies. I later joined a dream group that she had created, and for a period of many months participated in this extremely rewarding process. During this time Helena distinguished herself as a very astute and sensitive facilitator with a pronounced ability to intuit the deeper meaning of complex dream material. In addition to her many natural gifts, her work is also beautifully accentuated by the fundamental principles found in transpersonal and Jungian depth psychology. When such practices are applied to the rich and numinous imagery and scenarios that arise in one’s dreaming life, this process holds the potential for bringing forth genuine clarity and healing. This was my experience with Helena, and I am very pleased to offer her my full and heart-felt recommendation. She is a true and highly gifted Celtic dreamworker (Judson Davis, PhD)


  • I am very grateful that Dr. Helena Daly has come to our area to share her deep insights and professional expertise with fellow dreamers. I attended an introductory workshop today, The Way of the Dreamer: Introduction to dream-work that was far and above a basic introduction to the world of dreams. Her energy, coupled with her knowledge and passion for her work, provided an extraordinary experience. The educational and experiential aspects of the workshop were nicely woven for a well-rounded opportunity. Dr Helena did such a fine job of adapting her presentation to the needs of our group. She does this with seeming ease and poise. I chose the workshop for professional as well as personal possibilities. I came away much richer for it in more ways than I imagined. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to learn, work, and share with Helena. It will change the way you see life. (Lisa Wasoski, LCSW)


  • I heard Dr. Helena Daly speak last night at a Jungian meetup and was impressed by her knowledge about dream work, esp. with her background of once being a hospice nurse. She has experienced how important dream work is in making a transition more peacefully with death, the one thing we know for sure. (Maggie Purnell).


  • I heartily recommend Helena’s Dream Work course. Having her guidance for the inner work of dream interpretation, and her shared knowledge of the outstanding authors on the subject, is truly invaluable. I attended her first public Asheville presentation, and now have completed her first weekly course series. We are truly blessed by her presence and her gifts. Anyone with any interest in this “royal road to the unconscious” will benefit from working with Helena, and I find it an especially valuable tool to help me with my interactions with, and advice for, my medical patients as their Family Medicine Doctor. (Dr. Johnny Kelly)



  • Helena is a sensitive and gentle guide, but with keen insight, and a subtle, refined awareness, that are both invaluable tools for those wishing to begin the journey to enhanced dream awareness. If you wish to act in your daily life with full awareness, and inner strength, she will be a most capable ally. (Dream course participant.)