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Dana Sardano is the owner, resident artist and intuitive at Ubuntu Fish Gallery in Stuart, Florida and partner and VP/Chief Officer of Curriculum+Content at FindUniquelyU.com  

Dana received her B.A. in Special Education in 1993, specializing in Behavioral Disorders (BD) for children K-12. Her career path quickly shifted into a learning specialist position, which evolved into the position of director of student development in a private college preparatory high school, where she was hired as a teacher of humanities and where she assisted students with organizational skills and study strategies to help them better adapt in the mainstream classroom environment. Dana also spent the bulk of her career mentoring teachers and assisting them with their curriculum, content and instructional practices to better educate the whole child. For many years, creating specialized curriculum and behavioral modification plans for teachers was her jam! She learned very early on in her career that behavioral issues, academic achievement, and personal accountability for both went hand in hand (in hand), and built an entire career in mastering an understanding of how to impart this understanding to others.

After picking up a paintbrush for the first time in 2015 since her childhood, in June 2017, she decided to retire from a 23-year career in education in order to fully embrace an artist’s life and to model for her daughters the importance of listening to your soul’s purpose by following your bliss. She spent two years honing her craft as well as developing her intuition and opened Ubuntu Fish Gallery in September 2019, two years after she took her leap of faith from traditional education.  

Experiencing for herself and offering for others a more creative and spiritual form of personal growth and development at Ubuntu Fish Gallery, Dana has never felt more alive and has made it her mission to help others do the same.

During Dana’s time as owner/resident artist and intuitive at Ubuntu Fish Gallery, she figured out how to merge her greatest strengths—her intuition, leadership skills, educational experience, and artistic ability—and currently guides people to lead more empowered lives through her intuitive guidance sessions, private groups, and written works on that very subject matter.

Dana has also written and illustrated a book combined with a workbook for children called Veda Finds Her Crown, centered around chakra health and development to help aide teachers, parents, and caretakers who are educating the whole child. She has also followed up Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment with Beyond the Ten, Decoding the Woo Woo, an autobiographical account of her own spiritual journey, written with the hope of demystifying spiritual practices by presenting them in a practical and understandable way.

Dana’s goal with all of her writing is to act as a bridge between the mainstream and the metaphysical communities so that those on the quest for personal growth and development can do so without being deterred by fearful and biased conceptions of spirituality. Her hope is to educate both the parents and the children so that they empower themselves and work together to create a new self-empowered, unity conscious generation.

Dana’s role at Uniquely U. is to assist the like-minded U-Instructors of the Uniquely U. community so that they can embody their truest essence and galvanize themselves and others in a multitude of uplifting and self-empowering ways so that they can do the same for others.

 For more information about Dana Sardano, Ubuntu Fish Gallery, and Uniquely University, go to www.Ubuntufishgallery.com and www.FindUniquelyU.com.

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 Ubuntu Fish Gallery

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Events and workshops

  • Coming Soon:

    Dana Sardano will be offering Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment live workshop series exclusively on FindUniquelyU.com, where she will be teaching a 3–4-hour workshop on each recommandment in an interactive setting so that she can personally engage with the participants and dive deeper into the insights that she has written about in the book. Classes are slated to go live on June 6, 2022. (link to come)


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    Ubuntu Fish Gallery, 508 SE Osceola St., Stuart, FL 34994


Books and other products


  • Ten Recommandments for personal empowerment coming 30th of April 2022!



-Dana Sardano’s Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment is a must read for anyone looking to move forward with their life in a healthy and whole way.

Her recommandments allow the reader to look at their past experiences with fresh eyes so they are better able to discern the necessary lessons while leaving the emotional attachment behind…where it belongs.

This sometimes brutally honest work is written in layman’s terms, and yet is not “dummied” down, making it a quick and easy read. Dana’s words are precise. They can be a punch to the gut or a gentle reminder. She has truly perfected the dance.

Her real-life examples are very relatable, allowing the reader to easily put themselves in her shoes and put the specific recommandment in practice for their specific situation.

Even if you believe you have already “done the work” and put most of your “traumas” to rest, there is something here to be gleaned. As Dana points out, and as many of us have experienced, there is almost always another layer of the onion to be unraveled. Ten Recommandments assist the reader in healing those inner-most layers once and for all.

Michelle G.

-Dana’s words flow like a conversation between trusted friends in this engaging and interactive psychological masterpiece. Her raw and painfully honest relatability provide a clear and methodical explanation of what makes each and every one of us tick, and provides us with the tools we need to shed the ties that bind.

Ann Marie S.

After reading Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment, I had experienced healing, personal growth, and truths that I had not been able to see or experience before picking up this insightful read.

Thank you, Dana Sardano for sharing your story, the steps that you have chosen to better yourself, and for offering your gained knowledge and wisdom to assist others with their own personal journeys of healing and personal growth. Connecting with your stories and applying your “how to” approach to self-awareness has been the catalyst to my own healing journey. I am forever changed.

Laurie B.

If you begin reading with an open mind and a willingness to be honest with yourself, Dana’s brilliant guidance in this book will change your entire world.

Angela D.

-Firstly, I adore Dana’s writing style and I found her life story fascinating! 

So impressive how she can connect all those dots, patterns, life lessons, limiting beliefs for

herself and then articulate so well for others to understand. 

Having insight of her story really makes the concepts feel relevant and relatable.

I couldn’t put it down! I read it in two sittings.

Cristen G.