Another New Day – Poem by Michael Amos

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Artemis, painting by Michael Amos

 Another New Day

I’m looking for the big times,
When the singing gets good,
And the chalice spills over,
And I gape sober, my mouth a big black hole.

I seek the tendrils of smoke,
In meditation, looking for shadows,
Looking for ghosts,
I find nothing and nothing.

The race gets faster,
I feel above ecstasy,
like the sky splits open,
And I mix darkness and light.

Please find me there,
In forests of trees,
Of dreams and nightmares
And finally, I crown you king.

Another new day,
Another new cycle,
Why sleep when I can stay awake,
And Master of passions and illusions,
And God of my own delusions choose,
My own, my kingdom in heaven.

Featured in the Mind’s Eye Magazine.


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  1. Helena

    I love this poem. It’s very powerful and spoke to me.
    Thank you for sharing this with us all.

    • Sleepylion

      Many thanks for your comment! I am glad you enjoyed the poem.


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