India Roberts

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India Roberts has always had a penchant for creating stories and from a young age flexed her writing muscles. After completing a BA (Hons) degree in English and Creative Writing, India (like everyone) found herself thrust into a pandemic with nothing to do but write. So, her blog India Ink was born, which she uses as a platform to share reviews on books and films, as well as various styles of writing – from short stories to prose poetry.

By day, India is a copywriter in the digital marketing field. She writes freelance articles for Sleepy Lion Publishing, as well as freelancing as a publisher for those who are self-publishing their books with Amazon. Outside of the realm of literature and words, she (with the supervision and collaboration of her brother) enjoys making furniture and upcycling using her DIY skills. She may even begin to sell some of it – watch this space…



India will be contributing a growing list of longer articles and essays on writing, lucid dreaming, marketing and much more. Soon available in the Library,.