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Annalisa Jackson is a 41 year-old mother of two, and an overgrown toddler according to her daughter who, being 12, is a reliable source on the matter. Despite this she managed to spend 21 years in the field of healthcare, 16 years of which were as an Emergency Nurse, and later Charge Nurse. She was privileged to deliver a life into the world, care for countless in between, and where necessary give them dignity at the end of life.  She mostly loved working with children, who are intrinsically honest.
After Bipolar and Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome necessitated being retired medically, she decided to follow her own passions in life: photography and writing.  Setting up TBB Freelancing Services in March 2020 she began offering a wide range of written and photography services. She provides photoshoots for both dogs and their humans, and sells photographic and digital art at her Etsy Shop: Beanie Bard Merch ( as well as providing product photography alongside copy and content writing for businesses and blogs.   

In 2019 she decided to push herself to attend some local open mic nights, something she still does regularly. Following her first slam competition, where she netted a semi final slot, she has gone on to reach two more semi-finals and place third in her next competitions, and finally taken a win in a Zoom slam this year.  Owing to a habit of wearing a hat to help combat anxiety she writes under the pen name of The Beanie Bard, and has had three poems published across two anthologies, with another two poems being published in two further anthologies later this year. At some point she is hoping to release her own collection. 

Her own blog can be found on her site at, and is on a variety of subjects including family, pets, and creative hobbies.  Being Bipolar and Autistic however, she writes a lot about Mental Health and Neurodiversity, hoping to open up conversations, promote thoughtful language, and reduce stigma.  You can find details and updates about her upcoming children’s book being published through Sleepy Lion, as well as her other published pieces, via her author website at  

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