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We are extremely excited to announce the creation of our latest project, Sleepy Lion Library. This will be a growing resource of exclusive articles, essays and creative writing, covering topics on Dreams, spirituality, mysticism, and all aspects of publishing and writing, from editing your first draft to marketing your final book. These resources will aim to provide aspiring writers and creators with the latest tools and resources for connecting with greater sources of inspiration and expression.

If you are interested in our current blog posts and books, then make sure to stay updated, as it will become available very soon…

Our first term of articles and essays will cover:

Dreams with the amazing Helena Daly whose doctorate degree in depth psychology and consciousness studies specializes in transpersonal dreaming and waking states of being.

Basics of Writing with India Roberts, our fantastic and dedicated long-term writer who will cover topics, such as writing the best first line, the importance of show not tell, the basics of social media marketing and much more…

Creativity with the inspiring Annalisa Jackson, also known as the Beanie Bard, whose articles will look at Creativity as Mindfulness, mental health recovery and further tools and exericises to help boost your creative spark!

 – And many more topics such as Lucid Dreaming, essays on William Blake and Alice in Wonderland, spirituality For a new age and much more…

If you are an aspiring and ambitious writer or reader looking for new ways of creating and expressing yourself, then watch this space!