Our most prized services include a range of best-selling quality products. We make sure that the publishing of each book is individually tailored to your needs. No author will require and desire the same guidance, so our relationship with each creator is personal and collaborative. With this in mind, we have strived to maintain our prices at the most reasonable level, while giving the author full freedom, 100% royalty (after printing and distribution costs) and power in the publishing process. We want to make sure that you completely understand our services, so please feel free to get in contact with any further questions. Below you will see a breakdown of our prices for each service. Make sure to scroll to the bottom for our bundle prices! Additionally, you are free to use only one or two services if desired. If you wish to simply use our professional editing, or, if you need a high quality book cover for your self-publishing, then you are more than welcome to get in contact now for more information: Enquiries@sleepylionpublishing. Finally, if you wish to use a more traditional royalty based contract, then make sure to check out our contracts page.


We have a range of publishing, printing and distribution options covered under this price. Whether you wish to go print on demand, traditional printing and distribution, or to completely customise and edit the distribution service, our aim is to provide you with a variety of choices so you can find the path that fits you best. (Includes Amazon, Kindle and most international retailers and online distributors.)

£1000 one time payment, or £50 per month – Included within this price is any setup fees, ISBN numbers and any formatting/proofreading needed. All pre-publication costs are covered with inclusion of your book on the Nielsen book database, retailer book catalogues and much more. Also, our range of publishing options include paperback, hardcover, eBooks and access to over 60 000 bookshops and retailers. Additionally, we offer you an individual marketing plan to reach as many readers as possible. We will provide you with an initial boost to help your book get the momentum it needs. As we do not collect publishing royalties on your work, it is your choice how much you wish to dedicate to marketing your book. We then use your designated amount each month to advertise and promote your work. We do not take interest or compensation for our time in marketing your book. We believe in a strong relationship between author and publisher. As our company grows, so does your book, and as your book grows, so does our company.

As with any traditional publishing company, we are here to help you in your writing career, this includes: book launches and signings, press releases, literary festivals, book awards, book clubs, reviews, social media, websites and any other possible way we can see to help boost your book availability. Depending on your situation, we will find a comfortable marketing strategy to begin with and grow from there. Make sure to get in contact now to find out how much you can get with our publishing options.

We do also offer a self-publishing option if you desire to go your own way. We will always be here to help and answer any questions. Additionally, we don’t believe in owning the rights to your work, so if you desire to leave us at any point, you are always free to do so.

Illustration (cover art)

While our prices are fixed, we always insure you are completely happy with the finished result. We can provide work in any medium, whether traditional or digital art, or whether you would prefer photo-manipulation and photographic art.

£400 or £20 per month – Simple design. Includes front, back cover and spine. Perfect for authors looking for simple yet impactful designs and simple photographic front covers.

£1200 or £40 per month – Complex illustration. Includes front, back cover, and spine. If you are looking for an eye-catching, elegant and beautifully designed front cover, whether for your epic fantasy novel, or to draw in young readers on their next big adventure in your children’s book, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Additional inside illustrations and designs at £20 per hour.


We can help with the whole editing process, including proofreading, line editing, copy editing and substantial editing. These are all included within the price. Whether you are close to finishing or could do with some help finishing up your first draft, we are more than happy to read through what you have so far and give you as much advice as we can. Our prices may be fixed, but our time is not; we make sure to bring your manuscript to its highest standard.

£300 or £20 per month – For 20 000 words and under. This is perfect for novellas, children’s books, poetry and collections of short stories.

£800 or £40 per month – For 50 000 words and under. Ideal for most books at a hugely competitive price.

£1500 or £80 per month – For 100 000 words and under. If you want to take your novel to the next step, or if you have finished your life changing self-help book and you want to see all the ways it can be improved, then this is an excellent choice for you.

We make sure you are one hundred percent happy with the finished result, so we will never push a writer to publish any work that goes against their message or voice, even when publishing within our house.

For manuscripts over 100 000 words, please get in contact through our contact page and we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Bundles Deals!

 Save at least £500 with a bundle of all our services in one

£2000 or £70 per month – Includes editing for manuscripts under 20 000 words, a complex design and the full publishing service. Perfect for children’s books, short story collections, poetry, self-help books and novellas. You save £500!

 £2500 or £100 per month – Our superior bundle. Includes editing for 50 000 words and under, a complex design and the full publishing service. Perfect for most books. You save £500!

 £3000 or £120 per month – Our Ultimate Bundle. Includes editing for books under 100 000 words, a complex design and the full publishing service. You save £700!