We can help with the whole editing process, including proofreading, line editing, copy editing, structuring and substantial editing. These are all included within the price. Whether you are close to finishing or could do with some help finishing up your first draft, we are more than happy to read through what you have so far and give you as much advice as we can. Our prices may be fixed, but our time is not; we make sure to bring your manuscript to its highest standard.

£300 – For 20 000 words and under. This is perfect for novellas, children’s books, poetry and collections of short stories.

£800 – For 50 000 words and under. Ideal for most books at a hugely competitive price.

£1500 – For 100 000 words and under. If you want to take your novel to the next step, or if you have finished your life changing self-help book and you want to see all the ways it can be improved, then this is an excellent choice for you.

We make sure you are one hundred percent happy with the finished result, so we will never push a writer to publish any work that goes against their message or voice, even when publishing within our house.

For manuscripts over 100 000 words, please get in contact through our contact page and we can provide you with an accurate quote.