Our most prized services include a range of best-selling quality products. We make sure that the publishing of each book is individually tailored to your needs. No author will require and desire the same guidance, so our relationship with each creator is personal and collaborative. In order to personalise the process as much as possible, and offer a wide range of options to choose from, we have decided to offer three different types of contracts, each with different benefits. If you wish to choose from a range of options, such as a smaller fee for a smaller royalty contract, then we are happy to personalise your contract and come up with the perfect fit for you! Do get in contact if you have any questions.

Option 1 - Fee

If you wish to have complete control over your book publishing process, including receiving 100% royalty profits from your work and keeping the rights to your book, then this is the perfect choice for you. Perfect for experienced authors who wish to take control into their own hands with the amount of support they desire. Additionally, this option is ideal for the author who needs further support with the writing and editing of their book. No cancellation fee, and all pre-publication costs included at a fixed price. Make sure to check out our Services page for our prices.

Option 2 - Monthly

If you would rather spread the cost over time, with all the benefits of a fee based contract, then this contract will be the best fit. You keep 100% of your royalty profits, have full control over the publication process and you keep the rights to your work. You are free to cancel at any time, for a fee of a fixed price for your book minus any monthly payments you have already made. Make sure to check out our Services page for prices.

Option 3 - Royalty

If you wish to go for a more traditional contract, where an agreement is made based on the royalty made from the book, then this will be perfect for you. A good option for new authors who need additional guidance. As this is a royalty based payment, the publishing company has a more vested interest in the success of your book, and therefore, the author may have slightly less freedom in the process and the end result. Additionally, this option is only available to authors who have a well edited draft with few mistakes and a high quality of writing. Marketablity and author online presence also influences our decision. If your draft needs a lot of editing, including substantial editing, then it will require a professional editor or a fee based contract.

Nevertheless, we will always ensure you are completely happy with the finished product. You are free to cancel at any time for the cost of the fee price for your book. Additionally, rights granted are also exclusive to the company.