Our Objective is to provide a new publishing service: Personal Publishing.

We have a range of publishing, printing and distribution options covered under this price. Whether you wish to go print on demand, traditional printing and distribution, or to completely customise and edit the distribution service, our aim is to provide you with a variety of choices so you can find the path that fits you best. (Includes Amazon, Kindle and most retailers and online distributors.)

£1000 – Included within this price is any setup fees, ISBN numbers and any formatting/proofreading needed. Also, our range of publishing options include paperback, hardcover, eBooks and access to over 60 000 bookshops and retailers. Additionally, we offer you an individual marketing plan to reach as many readers as possible. We will provide you with an initial boost to help your book get the momentum it needs. As we do not collect publishing royalties on your work, it is your choice how much you wish to dedicate to marketing your book. We then use your designated amount each month to advertise and promote your work. We do not take interest or compensation for our time in marketing your book. We believe in a strong relationship between author and publisher. As our company grows, so does your book, and as your book grows, so does our company.

As with any traditional publishing company, we are here to help you in your writing career, this includes: book launches and signings, press releases, literary festivals, book awards, book clubs, reviews, social media, websites and any other possible way we can see to help boost your book availability. Depending on your situation, we will find a comfortable marketing strategy to begin with and grow from there.

We do also offer a self-publishing option if you desire to go your own way. We will always be here to help and answer any questions. Additionally, we don’t believe in owning the rights to your work, so if you desire to leave us at any point, you are always free to do so.